15.09.14 New plans, New youngsters !!!! We LOVE them!


10.01.14 Plans updated. Sadly has Innocent Roses Vita and CatoriCoons Chouilette left us, rest in Peace angels :-(

                We are now hoping for kittens, and that Our boy figures out what Girls are for :-)

23.09.13 All kittens are now sold. We have New plans for Winter 2013/spring 2014. We also have a new female, pics to come.

                Thank you Rikke for another beutiful soul! Stuetigeren Reidun will be our new breeding female.

                 Some of Our females have "retired". News to come when my computer will cooperate :-)

16.03.13 We have two big beautiful grils free from our Q-litter. Ulrikke is free for PET only.

                 We also have 2 boys and 2 Girls free from our V-litter. May concider one or two for breed as both parents       

                 are happy neuters now.

                 We have a NEW boy, our italian boy is npw a happy neuter. His son, Thunder (Toro) will hopefully

                 take his Place soon, we have high hopes for him :-)

03.03.13 We have kittens. One red boy from our T-Litter is still avalible.

                We also have two boys free from our U-Litter.

                New plans also ;-)

04.02.13 We have kittens.. Our S and T litter has arrived. New plans.

10.12.12 Some changes, some of our breeders has been retired. And some are new. We also have kittens. R & S litters have

                been born. And we have some new plans for winter 2013.

11.08.12 Plans have been updated. But remember, these are just plans!

23.07.12 Both our P- and Q-litter have now found new homes.

                We have been blessed to have breeding rights from one boy in each litter, cant wait to see them grow :-)

11.04.12 We have KITTENS!

                 One black/white female still free, born 3.2.12 

                  More info to come!

01.03.2012 Due to familiar changes, we have to reduce our breeding. Hopefully we will see some new kittens in our host

                     families in 2012. Hopefully we`ll be back soon with new plans.

17.02.2012 Our Lovely girl, A*A Davinas Batida De Coco gave birth to her last litter 03.02.2012.

                      Two lovely kittens, both black with white, one girl, and one boy. Both babies and mum are doing fine.

18.01.2012 Our new Italian boy is HOME!!! I^*Leana Saw L`Enigmesta finally arrived from Italy....

                      He`s  a loving "teddy bear"!! So his name her will be TEDDY <3

                      Hopefully he will give us lots of beautifull babies in the future.

17.12.2011 Orianna is now SOLD...........But we have plans for new litters this winter. Check out our plans.

14.12.2011 Well, even the best plans can go to h...... Our boy (N) Zimicco`s Kael is now a neuter.

                     He will continue to stay with Yvonne and her family who loves him so much... Thank you Yvonne

                     for keeping up whit his spraying :-)

                     Hopefully we will have a new male in Jauary <3

25.11.2011 One female kitten still for sale. Can concider breed on her.

11.11.2011 Our beautifull queen Big-Hannibals Midnight Lady is now a neuter.....

08.11.2011 We have kittens for sale!!! May consider one or two for breed, as this is the

                     ONLY time this combination will be done...

15.10.2011 We have KITTENS!! 2 males and 2 females (gendet can change ;-))

                      This will be the ONLY litter after our boy Kael and Happy.

                      Added our new youngster, Catori Coons Colette!! Thank you Raquel for this princess!!!

25.09.2011 We are exxpecting kittens in the beginning of October. Take a look at our plans.

16.08.2011 All of our puppies and kittens have now found loving new homes.

                   But we have plans for winter 2011.

07.08.2011 All kittens are now reserved. But we have plans for winter/spring.

                  We still have a puppy for sale.

06.08.2011 We have one blue macarel female kitten for sale.

                 We also have one Chinese Crested Powder Puff puppy for sale. At reduced price!

12.07.2011 We have kittens for sale.

                    One white male for PET only as he`s deaf.

                   And one blue tigertabby girl.

03.07.2011 We have KITTENS. Our last two litters from Fawkie are now born.

                      One male from our N-litter,can be considered sold for breed.

                      We also have a NEW male, he will move to us soon.

19.05.2011 Pitho Fawkie has found a new home.

18.05.2011 We have a new female. (N) Nordic Lynx Happy. More about her under females.

                      Some new plans to ;-)

29.04.2011 Updated here and there. Fawkie is now a neuter, so we are activly looking for the PERFECT boy.

15.04.2011 We have a NEW mail adress: monica@zimiccos.net

                     Our friends at NO*Ivalessa have kittens......Look at out kittenpage for info.

07.03.2011 Our new youngster added.

                     Our K- and L- litter have now all found loving new homes. We wish them all the best!

17.02.2011 Plans updated.

                     We have only one female kitten left, (N)Zimoccos Keyla is still looking for her new home.

01.02.2011 We have new YOUNGSTERS!

                    We also have kittens avalible from our K- and L-litter!

17.01.2011 Kiara is now sold. But we still have two lovely females for sale (show/pet).

16.01.2011 Kitten updates! New pics of the kittens FOR SALE on Facebook.

27.12.2010 Kitten updates.

                     Our lovely boy,Celth has now moved,

                      he now lives with his son Galanth, from our g-litter. Love you, mummys baby <3 !

19.12.2010 New kitten pics of our K-litter (all exxept Kimora that did NOT want her pic taken today).

                     4 girls and 1 boy still free.

07.12.2010 New 8 week pics og our k-litter.

14.11.2010 New 5 week pics of K-litter.

07.11.2010 All kittens in J-litter have found new loving homes! We wish them all the best!

                      And FINALLY, pics on K-litter! 

22.10.2010 New plans. Kitten page has been updated.

10.10.2010 Luna gave birth today. 5 girls and 2 boys. More info when the kittens are older.

05.10.2010 Our new girl has arrived. DE*Big-Hannibals Midnight Lady.

                      Thank you to Raquel (www.catoricoons.net), for trusting us with this beauty

                      8 and 9 week pics of our J-litter.

05.09.2010 New pics of J-litter. All 4 boys are free.

20.08.2010 New pics of J-litter, 2 weeks.

16.08.2010 India has now moved to her new home in Sweden. We wish you the best.

                     We attended the cat show in LuleŚ, Sweden this weekend. Batida is now IC, and Una is CH.

05.05.2010 New pics on our I-litter. India is free for breed/ show to the right owner.

                    We also have NEW kittens, our J-litter was born 2 aug, and we got 5 babies. 1 girl, and 4 boys!

                    Plans, kittens, litters are now updated.

06.06.2010 New kitten pics in both H- and I-litter.

21.05.2010 We have beautifull kittens between Batti and Fawkie. One tortie w/white girl, and one red silver male. Both solid. This is our first solid litter. More info to come.