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CH N*Innocent Rose's Ritinka

Nickname: Tika
EMS: MCO n 22, Black/brown tabby
Born: 09.06.2006
Sire: IC DK*Theilund's Fottewing, w 63
Dam: S*Syrenbackeen's Corinne, g 22


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Now lives with Ida and Cath(a) from our C-litter



DE*Big- Hannibals Midnight Lady

Nickname: Lady

Born: 15.04.2008
Sire: Langsteich` Never Ending, d
: Belmicoon`s Double Enjoy, n22

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Now lives with Tove and Misha Collins from our M-Litter.




(N) Nordic Lynx Happy

Nickname: Happy

EMS: MCO f, black tortie
Born: 19.07.2005
Sire: EC S*El Morrocos Hard Gun for Nordic Lynx, ns
GIC FIN*Escapes Nea for Nordic Lynx, f22

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HCM N/N by parents

She and Lira lives as a happy neuters, with Heidi and her daughter.


N* Zimicco`s Eyrinn

Nickname: Lira

EMS: MCO g22, bluetortie tabby.
Born: 17.12.2008
Sire: CH N*Zimicco`s Celth aka DIesel, e 22
Dam: CH A*A Davinas Batida de Coco, f 09

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She and happy lives as happy neuters, with Heidi and her daughter.



CH (N)Zimiccos Celth AKA Diesel

Nickname: Celth
EMS: MCO 322, Creme Tabby
Born: 02.11.2007
Sire: N*Wachiris Claude Million, a22
Dam:CH N*Innocent Roses Devika, w


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Now lives with Siv-Tone and his son, Galanth.






CH (DK)Pitho Fawkes

Nickname: Fawkie
EMS: MCO ns black smoke
Born: 26.04.2008
Sire:CH DK*Pitho Engorgio
Dam: DK*Meserwe Waltz away dreamin


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Lives with Marita and her family, including a little house cat, and a bengal boy :-), and our A*A Davinas Batida De Coco (Batti).





(N) Zimicco`s Kael

Nickname: Gizmo

EMS: MCO n22
Born: 10.10.2010
Sire: CH (N) Zimiccos Celth aka Diesel, e22
Dam: CH(N) Stuetigerens Una, n

"Gizmo" lives with Yvonne and her familiy.

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Gizmo is HCM N/N by parents.



IC A* A Davinas Batida De Coco

Nickname: Batti

EMS: MCO f09, black tortie w/white
Born: 23.05.2007
Sire: Gumejas Enapay, d0922
CH Lupiniacoon`s Baghiera, n

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Batti is now a neuter, living with Fawkie, a house cat and a bengal.

One big happy family :-)



IC N*Innocent Rose's Devika

Nickname: Vita

EMS: MCO w 62, white/yellow eyed.
Born: 09.06.2006
Sire: IC DK*Theilund's Fottewing, w63
Dam: S*Syrenbacken's Corinne, g22


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Catori Coons Colette

Nickname: Coco

Born: 01.08.2010
Sire: Top Coon Joshi, 22
Dam: Top coon Ginger
, ns

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IT*Leaena Saw L`Enigmesta

Nickname: Teddy

EMS: MCO n23
Born: 21.05.2011
Sire: IT*Leaena Papoose, ns09
Dam: SE*Mooniacis Pocahontas , f22

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