About us:

We are a family located in Mo I Rana, in the north of Norway. We primarily breed Maine Coon cats. But we also have two lovely Chinese Crested dogs. One naked female, Nemi, and her daughter, Lady. We never planned on getting a Chinese Crested, but faith wanted Nemi to enter our lives. We where actually waiting for a Tibetan Spaniel, but the day before we where going to pick her up, the owner cahnged her mind. So by luck we where offered to house Nemi. We where only going to be her "food home", but we ended up buying her. Someting we have never regreted. Nemi have been tested for patella, and have her eyes checked once a year. Now we only wait for her PLL results. Lady will be checked as soon as shes old enough. We have not desided if there will be any more litters, but feel that the beautifull dogs we have deserve their own page.


Ps. Zimiccos is NOT a NKK registrated NKK kennel/ prefix name.